Tom Week - Kentuckiana

pedestrian bridge at night

5/18/23 – Fort Knox
Today we drove by Fort Knox. Surprisingly, you can see it from the highway. We also went through West Point, but not THAT West Point.

5/19/23 – Jeffersonville
We’re across the river from Louisville KY in Jeffersonville Indiana. It’s an unexpectedly funky town. I picked up dinner from a place called Clucker’s. 

5/20/23 – Over The River
I rode across the bridge to Kentucky. Louisville has some nice bike lanes. Not much traffic. I rode through downtown and then back along the river. 

5/21/23 – Three State Day
Went from Indiana, south to Kentucky, then north to Ohio. 

There were many Mennonites at the Walmart west of Dayton.

There is a chipmunk eating flowers, or maybe things on the flowers.

5/22/23 – Flatland
You knew this. Ohio is flat. We’re west of Dayton and I did a 17 mile bike ride like it was nothing. No hills. Not much wind. Lots of animals who demanded I take their picture.

I rode to Verona OH. I did meet two guys, buy they were nothing like the play.

5/23/23 – Not Flat That Way
Today I went south on the rail trail and wasn’t paying that much attention. Turns out that it was slightly downhill the whole way. I noticed this when I turned around and had to peddle uphill the whole way back.

5/24/23 – Early Holidayers
I didn’t expect this till tomorrow. The campground is filling up with people getting a jump-start on Memorial Day Weekend. They’ve gussied up the campground with flags and pinwheels. Festive!