Tom Week – Kent to Ephrata


We are in Kent Washington, just south of Seattle. Nice old park. A little cramped but well-kept and run by nice people. Had to go early to pick up the rental car because I got an email warning that if I was late they might have to give my car away.

I got a Nissan Sentra. The rental guy was trying to give me a bigger fancier car. Thought I was weird for wanting the Sentra instead. I like it because it has more upright seating and fewer confusing gadgets.


The GPS on my phone took me on a series of very scenic roots today. It wasn’t until it told me to turn left onto the intercity bike path did I realize that I had it set for bicycle directions.

A strange trip to Camping World today. They actually had what I wanted.


This place has great bike paths. You can get from Seattle to Tacoma with almost never having to cross a street. Wide, smooth and mostly flat. Great fun.


Twenty miles on the bike this morning. Almost made it to Tacoma but I started getting tired.

Tonight we ate at the Red Robin in Des Moines. Yes, there’s one here in Washington only the pronounce the “s” at the end like a “z”. In Iowa both esses are silent.


Sometimes in the middle of the day you realize that your plans are right. In this case last night’s lack of sleep caught up with me and I didn’t want to drive any more narrow mountain roads. So we pulled into a parking lot and searched for the closest RV park. It was a mile away. It turned out to be very nice.


Today we went to Leavenworth Washington. It’s a faux Bavarian village in the Cascade foothills. Unfortunately it was way more faux than funky so today we also left Leavenworth.

We wound up in Ephrata. No, I never heard of it either. Pat’s favorite part is the pond right behind our RV. She spent quite some time watching the birds and turtles.


There are more birds here than you can ever imagine. I’ve seen or heard quails, ducks, whippoorwills, woodpeckers and a bunch of other unidentified species.

Central Washington is much flatter than I expected. Great for bike rides.


The legendary red tray of three forks
bike statue
A metal bike statue on the Green River Trail
pat looking at pond
Pat found her bliss by the pond
church steeple
Not your usual RV park structure
rv parking sign
Ephrata knows how to treat its visitors
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