Tom Week – Job hunt over?

Yes, the job hunt may be over

job hunt photo
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It feels good that the job hunt yields a good job, rather than just a job. Had a second interview and it went great. I want this job even more than before. I have a team gauntlet interview next week. Excited to meet the people I will hopefully be working with.

St. Patrick’s Day

Got in a good bike ride and the house smells of corned beef. Joy!


Apparently I’m not engaging enough with the concept of my hair. As I sat in the chair the woman asked me what I wanted. I said, “short.” I got short. It looks good.

However, the men in the other chairs when asked what they wanted provided detailed instructions. It was like they had detailed blueprints in their minds they were trying to translate to the cutter. One man described what he wanted on each of his head’s zones, specifying a unique length and texture for each. The other man finished his instructions with, “remove all the grey hairs.” The poor woman actually had to sift through his entire head to seek and destroy all evidence that this man wasn’t thirty anymore.

In the end, neither of their haircuts looked any better than mine. I hope they tipped well.

The week in pictures

My happy place
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I checked, different lic. plates



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