Tom Week – Jackson

4/16/20 – Not going to Jackson

We’ve been here for weeks and I realized today that we haven’t actually been to Jackson.

4/17/20 – Warmer

Much nicer today. Went for a bike ride. Got a best time for all seven Strava segments.

I am having so much fun making these stupid little animations!

More storms coming on Sunday.

The lake reopens on Monday.

4/18/20 – Colder

Not nearly as warm today as the weather guy promised us. On a related note, we’re under a flood watch till Monday morning.

The neighbors are all getting their boats ready for Monday.

4/19/20 – Thunder Storms

So far no tornadoes. The flooding isn’t too bad. Not as much wind as last week, but a lot more rain.

Today the geese walked around with their babies. They are so cute.

4/20/20 – Still Here

No tornadoes, though the wind and rain did destroy our neighbor’s folding canopy.

Today is the first day of relaxed stay-at-home rules here in Mississippi. So far I haven’t noticed much change. The boat ramp is open, but not many boats today. I expect a lot more this weekend.

4/21/20 – Don’t go to WalMart

Rode my bike to WalMart today to buy a couple of things that Kroger doesn’t. Very few people were wearing masks and nobody was distancing. I bought extra stuff so I don’t have to go back there as often.

It’s weird because the Kroger does so well. All the employees and customers wear masks and many wear gloves. Big difference.

4/22/20 – I’m a local

Riding my bike today there was a woman with a stroller coming the other way. As I approached she said, I love seeing you ride. You’re always smiling.” I thanked her and rode on.


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