Tom Week – Iowa

7/5/19 – Altoona Iowa

Altoona Iowa is not Des Moines, but since nobody outside Iowa knows where Altoona is, I have to tell people we’re in Des Moines.

7/6/19 – Good Guys

Went to the Goodguys car show at the Iowa Fairgrounds with my nephew-in-law Tony. Who, by the way, is married to Toni. There were many gems and some clunkers among the thousands of old cars. Much fun, but it was hot and I’m not used to walking that much.

This morning was my first real bike ride since the accident. I did 6.8 miles without any issues. Though Google Maps let me down once again elevation-wise. Instead of the reported 80 feet of climbing, I climbed over 200 feet. Not difficult, just unexpected.

7/7/19 – The Greenway

Longer bike ride today. Twelve miles along a very nice series of trails. Lots of friendly cyclists waved at me and I at them.

Dinner with the in-laws at the casino buffet next door to the RV park. Much nostalgia.

7/8/19 – Quad Cities

Wonderful shopping at the Davenport Iowa WalMart. There was a thirty-something women and her teenage daughter wearing matching bikinis and gold-lame sneakers. Mom was telling anyone who would listen that people often mistake her and her daughter for sisters. Nobody believed her.

7/9/19 – Hot Rain

Too hot and humid to ride today. No good roads around here anyway. Then it rained hard. Got lots of schooling done.

7/10/19 – Across Illinois

Pat woke up at 2:30 to find that the air conditioner had ceased to function. This happened once before. I think the compressor motor has a dead spot. Fortunately when we stopped for lunch I fired up the generator and the air conditioner worked again.

The heat index today was over 100. The next two days are going to be cooler. Yahoo!

7/11/19 – The “I” States

Started in Illinois. Drove straight across Indiana. Now we’re in southern Ohio. Searching for some cooler weather.

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