Tom Week - Into The Woods

folding chaird

10/5/23 – More Dark Woods
We’re in Cuddebackville, NY. It’s ten miles north of Port Jervis, where we usually stay, but they were full. So many parks have closed for the season that the ones that are still open are full on weekends. This one probably has room because it’s kind of creepy.

When we got here the office was closed, but there was drunk guy sitting outside to greet us, though he wasn’t at all helpful. He was too busy trying to catch a praying mantis, with no success.

10/6/23 – Change Of Plans
Pat and I sat down and worked out the plans for when I have to go back to RI to finish the movie. Still need to shoot the morgue scenes.

10/7/23 – Sitting Out The Rain
I watched two cars races and The Empire Strikes Back. A productive day.

10/8/23 – They Have Bags Here
One of the problems of constantly switching states is trying to remember what states have bags in grocery stores, and which don’t. Ha Ha, I am trivial problem man!

10/9/23 – The Sun Lies
Woke up to a nice sunny day. Then I looked at the weather. How can the sun be so bright and the air so cold? 

Got some measuring done today. Before working on an RV you must measure things.

Then I got some work done on some animations. Hope to get back to posting a new one weekly.

10/10/23 – Cold Again
I am such the weather wimp. Forty-something windchill keeps me off the bike again. Anyway, managed to finish the animation I started yesterday, and started on a new one today. Good to get things done.

10/11/23 – What Day Is It?
Some days It takes looking it up on the internet to know what day it is. Turns out that I’m not the only one.