Tom Week – Into The Warmth

1/9/20 – Warmth Returns

Today was not cold. Yee Haw! Got to ride my bike for the first time this year. Just ten miles but it’s a start.

1/10/20 – Starke Again

The full moon, the wolf moon, is watching us. It hit 80 degrees today. Back in the real Florida.

Ed Kookie Byrnes is dead and I can’t get the song out of my head.

1/11/20 – Too hot and humid

It’s really all that hot, but the transition from a 30 degree morning two days ago to an 80 degree day with 100% humidity is a bit severe.

Didn’t sleep last night because I was obsessing about my crushes video. This morning I made some changes and I’m happier now.

1/12/20 – Ocala for a Week

Time to find a new doctor. We’ve been here before, but only for a couple days at a time. This time we’ve been put on the other side with the long-timers. No highway noise over here. Because of a tree we have a large lot. Nice.

Stopped at a McDonalds today. I ordered Pat’s fish sandwich, but they were out of fish. So I ordered McNuggets, but they were out of those too. So we went to the next McDonalds. While I was waiting in line I overheard the assistant manager on the phone, “How the hell do you run out of McNuggets?”

1/13/20 – New Doctor

I made an appointment for a new doctor today. Unfortunately, since he’s a good doctor, he doesn’t have an opening till next month. Guess we’ll be wandering around Florida for a while.

1/14/20 – Strava Cheating

I rode ten miles on my bike. The Strava map of my ride looks like a backwards outline of Nevada. The leaderboard shows that I have the 41st best time for the only segment on the ride. The fastest is a guy that did the 2.5 mile segment in 2.5 minutes. Yes, that’s 60 miles per hour, on a bicycle. Apparently cheating is allowed.

1/15/20 – A Tale of Two Goodwills

First, the Ocala Goodwill Supercenter: A very upscale place with aisles of brand new stuff. No good junk.

Second, the Ocala Goodwill Outlet: A big room full of bins. Everything, clothes, books, housewears, all in bins. Nothing really good, at least for me. VERY nice people though.

1/16/20 – Critters

The pond here in the park is full of all kinds of birds and fish.

Did a nice bike ride today. Lots of hills.


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