Tom Week - Into The Cold

snowy street

3/9/23 – Packing Day
The time has come to leave this semi-paradise and head up to Wormtown. We’ll get there Sunday or so. 

3/10/23 – Wrong Hotel
I had reservations at a hotel, but on arrival I found that all the double rooms were on the second floor, and there was no elevator. The next hotel had a room on the first floor.

Traffic near Washington DC sucks.

3/11/23 – Penn Day
We’re in Bethlehem. No star, just a comfy hotel with an exercise room. Tonya did a couple miles on the elliptical. I watched.

3/12/23 – Wormtown Revisited
We are back in Worcester for indefinite period of time. Tonya was awake all last night so we are all exhausted. Snow tomorrow. Oh Boy!

3/13/23 – Lazy Monday
Getting used to the new location and the time change. Every year moving the clocks ahead bothers me more and more. A neurosis I learned from the dogs.

3/14/23 – PI Day
This house is definitely haunted. Not the scary demonic type of ghost. More of the sit on the side of your bed for a long chat type of ghost. Turns out that the ghost of my father still thinks I’m going to hell if I don’t go to church more, and he doesn’t like boxes on his captain’s chair.

3/15/23 – The Ides of March
So, if your name is Ceaser, beware. Probably avoid Ceaser Salads just to be safe.