Tom Week - In San Francisco

bike path gardens

6/27/24 – More Hills
Today’s bike ride was better planned. The out route was all uphill, the return was all downhill. Much nicer than the roller coaster ride.

Tonya’s evening walks have become mandatory. On the rare occasion we don’t go, we hear about it all night.

6/28/24 – Happy Day
Some days are just happy days. The sun, the ocean and the breeze sometimes help. Not to mention having a pile of fresh fruit from my favorite store.

6/29/24 – Lazy Day
Had to pick up the rental car today. The weather wasn’t that bad, but I chose not to ride my bike over the half-mountain. Lyft instead.

Later I laid in bed watching the Xfinity race on TV. Nobody interesting won.

6/30/24 – The Great Experiment
We’re all tired of running all over the place, so we’ve decided to stay at the park in Pacifica for all of July. It’ll be weird sitting still for so long, but it’s a nice place, right on the ocean, and their monthly rate is MUCH lower than their daily rate.

7/1/24 – The Scan
Got to watch Tonya get a CT scan. Glad it wasn’t me.

7/2/24 – New Rental Car
Sometimes you don’t know how much you dislike a car until you drive something else. Today I returned one rental car, a Mazda 3, and picked up a new one, a Hyundai Kona. The Kona is a small SUV, but is a much better car than the 3. (Clever name, huh?) The Kona has much better viability, more comfortable seats and is much easier to get in and out of.

We lucked out in location. The place we were going to go is over 100 degrees. Much cooler here by the ocean.
7/3/24 – San Francisco
It’s hard to get used to the idea that we are back in San Francisco. Well, almost SF. The routines and activities are suddenly just there again. Perhaps it’s time to track down friends and relatives. Sorry I haven’t before now, but it’s been crazy times. Like DJ Crazy Times.