Tom Week – In Casino Land

6/28/19 – Casino Land

The surprising lack of fancy parks here in Minnesota has landed us at a casino parking lot for the weekend. Full hookups and cable TV, but no shade from the 90 degree weather.

I had to run in and join the reward club before checking in so I could save ten dollars. It comes with ten dollars free play and my father’s spirit is begging me to go waste it on the slot machines.

The funniest part of the park is that the map lists a structure in the corner of the park as the bath house. No, it’s a porta-potty.

6/29/19 – HOT

The real-feel for casino land today is 103. Over 90 degrees with 90% humidity. The rain storm coming tomorrow will bring cooler weather. Sat inside all day doing nothing. Though I did get to watch the Indoor Football League semifinals with the Iowa Barnstormers. For some reason we have a sports channel out of Des Moines.

6/30/19 – Mankota

This is one of the few cities in the world whose name is a typo. We are in a funky little town on the edge of a cornfield. No, the corn isn’t knee-high and won’t be by the Fourth of July.

The owner of the park is a typical gruff Nordic type. Some reviews of the park called him angry, but he’s a nice guy. He just doesn’t have a bubbly personality.

7/1/19 – The Blue Earth

Lots of rain and sitting inside today. I caught up with my keeping up with learning new computer geek stuff.

Also, we got to watch three people move a derelict riding mower from a trailer to the back of a pickup truck. It was either more interesting than it sounds or we need to get out more.

Happy Canada Day!

7/2/19 – Almost Iowa

Seriously, it looks like Iowa. The Minnesota accent has faded to almost nothing. Except for that wrong side of the border thing, this is Iowa.

We are in a weird park at the end of a crappy rutted dirt road. When we arrived they had the John Deere tractors, made in Iowa, trying to smooth out the flood damage.

We tried taking showers but there was no cold water. Yes, that’s correct. They only had hot water, which by itself was way too hot to shower. Never seen that one before.

Also, I’m going crazy. Tomorrow I ride the bike no matter what.

7/3/19 – Rainy Day

OK, so I didn’t ride my bike today. Before I got the chance the rains came. So lots of sitting around doing nothing. But, tomorrow, bike ride, for sure, or else.

7/4/19 – The Fourth

Good fourth of July. The neighbors have been drinking all afternoon. The sun is setting. The explosions should start any minute now.

Got some laundry done and yes, I did ride my bike. For nearly 200 yards. It’s a start. I’ll do more when we get back to the land of paved roads.


On the RV camp map this is listed as the bath house.
muddy road
The tractor was called in to reroad the mud pits.
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