Tom Week – Idaho to Montana


Welcome to Idaho! Hot day but an evening thunderstorm cooled thing off a bit. It also interrupted our power a couple times.

Abigail made some friends today, but then one tried to hump her and hurt her leg. She’s limping but not too badly.

On the drive we wound up on this terrible road, rippled by trucks and frost heaves. So much for the scenic route.


Nice bike paths in Northern Idaho, but kind of hilly. Besides the bike ride I did nothing all day.


Another day, another state. We are in Missoula Montana for five days to let our mail catch up with us. It’s a college town so there are many bike trails. The RV park is in mall land so everything is half a mile away.


The rental car is bright blue and has Nevada plates. It also has to be locked and unlocked by putting the key in the door’s keyhole. I haven’t had to do that in a long time.

We went to have lunch at Fuddruckers. It was 1PM and there were only three raggedy old cars there. The Arby’s down the street was packed. When you can’t compete with Arby’s it’s time for a change. We ate elsewhere.


What day is it? Where are we? If this is Tuesday it must be Missoula. (AKA Zootown)

Did a whole lot of laundry today in machines that you need a special card for instead of cash or a credit card. So high tech.


Pat spent much of the day dealing with pharmacies and insurance companies. We took Abigail for a haircut. She looks good. I finally got around to cleaning out some of the storage bins. It seems that no matter much stuff we get rid of we still have too much.


If you ever need blood work done go to the Lab Corp in Missoula Montana. We were in and out before our appointment time arrived.

Then we ate at Perkins which we were surprised that it existed. It doesn’t appear on Yelp or Google Maps. Good food cheap.


We made it to Bozeman. Yes, that Bozeman. We are in a little park run by Maryjo and Marty. By the office there is a wood carving of either a bear or a wolf. Whatever it is it has large wooden genitals.

It may snow overnight then by Wednesday it will be in the 80’s. Love Montana.


dog at steering wheel
Sometimes Abigail helps me drive
black rabbits
Some of our bunny neighbors in Missoula
bigfoot statue
Bigfoot makes sure all the doggie owners use the poop bags
spider-shaped bench
Beware the spider bench
This bike trail in Idaho had everything
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