Tom Week – House Stuff

Back to square one, again

I’m glad it was quick, but the new potential buyer is not going to buy the house. Funny, Pat knew that right after they left on Monday.

We listed the house on Zillow. Thirty minutes after the listing went live we started getting phone calls. Now we have to sift through the buyers and the dreamers and get this thing sold.


My latest school project got rejected for one of the most embarrassing typos ever. A two minute fix. On the other hand I got praised for my coding. The project is a Frogger clone and I managed the advancing difficulty levels with one line of code. Score one for the old guys.

Update: the project was accepted. Three down three to go.


SOOOOOOOLD! Listed the house on Thursday, accepted an offer today from the nicest people in the world. Yee Hah! 4 days on the market. Not too bad.

School Again

We have to get working on the house so I did a marathon session and managed to get through three days worth of classes and finished 90% of project number four. The next project isn’t due till September. Plenty of time.

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