Tom Week – Hot Mud

7/12/19 – Hot Ohio

Fun day. Drove till I got tired. Much less hot today. A breeze. Lower humidity. We wound up in Zanesville, OH. Lots of guys in straw hats in WalMart.

We’re staying at Wolfie’s Campground, which is just off route 666. On the way here we made a wrong turn and wound up at Zane Gray’s birthplace! Hooray for wrong turns.

7/13/19 – Erie is Cooler

Just outside Erie PA. Nice park with a little pond. The next two nights the lows are supposed to be in the low 60’s. Sleep, here we come.

7/14/19 – Why Fire?

The first day off from driving in a while. I took a good nap after lunch.

OK, it’s 80 degrees outside. What is the purpose of starting a fire, during the day? They aren’t using it to cook! They don’t even sit and watch it. They get it going then disappear into their trailer. I hate having to shut all the windows just because some idiot is trying to get in touch with his primal self.

7/15/19 – Lucy Land

WWLD. What Would Lucy Do?

We are in Jamestown NY, the birthplace of Lucille Ball and the home to a WalMart with a disturbing lack of grape soda.

It got warm this afternoon but the humidity was very low.

7/16/19 – Glass Land

We’re in Corning, the land of glass. Going to sit out tomorrow’s big rain and thunder. In the meantime I have to convince Walgreens in Florida to mail my meds to my mailing address. Then track down new front tires for the RV. The right front tire has developed a weird flaw.

7/17/19 – Not Much Rain

We got lucky with the rain. We’re in a little valley that seems to send the worst of the storm to either side of us. Lots of nice soft rain. Got a bunch of phone calls done this morning. The internet is great but sometimes you just need to talk to a real person.

7/18/19 – New Tires

Parmenter Tires. If you are ever near Horseheads NY and need tires this is the place to go. Two new RV tires mounted and balanced in 30 minutes. Remarkable.

Assuming that the tires would take much longer we made reservations at a park only 20 miles away in Ithaca, the home of Cornell University. Actually, we’re just outside Ithaca hidden in the hills and valleys with no cell phone or TV reception. Fortunately the camp has good wifi.

Oh, and the WalMart had grape soda so we are back in civilization.


steep hill
Some RV parks have hills.
cornhole mailbox
When I was young conrhole meant something else.
dune buggy
Many dune buggies in Corning. I don’t know why.
dim rainbow
Through the dirt and dead bugs you can just barely see a rainbow.
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