Tom Week - Hoosiering

covered bridge

5/25/23 – Winds Over Dayton
Too windy to ride today. Got a whole bunch of stuff done inside. Finally got the information I needed from the extended warranty people. Printed out a bunch of stuff. Finished an animation I’ve been putting off. Feels good.

5/26/23 – So Close, Yet So Far
We are 45 miles south of Indianapolis. I’ve never been so close to the track on Memorial Day Weekend. Yet, there is no cable TV here. We’re in the hills so there’s no over the air TV either. I can watch the race on the Peacock streaming service, but I’ve only got three bars, so it buffers a lot. Such fun.

We are at a cool park though. It’s a concert venue that has a bunch of three day festivals over the summer. Not this weekend though. There is supposedly a concert tomorrow night, but nobody know whose playing. Anyway, we get free tickets to that. 

The fun part is that the campground map is all kinds of wrong. So everybody that drives in is lost.

5/27/23 – The Hills Of Indiana
Yeah, I didn’t know they existed either, but today’s bike ride proved me wrong. I wound up on a roller coaster of a road called Bittersweet.

There is a concert tonight at the campground featuring a band called “Hotel 67.” Never heard of them. Judging from the empty parking lot, neither has anyone else.

5/28/23 – The Seeding Begins
Pat has a new hobby of crocheting little things and leaving them places for people to find. I’m the one who gets to place them. The first three got left in; 1) A laundromat lost and found basket, 2) A little library, 3) Under a volunteer fire department plastic dalmation.

No Indy 500 for me. There’s a regional blackout around Indianapolis. Ah well. There will be reruns.

5/29/23 – Happy Birthday Pat
It’s so nice the they have a holiday for Pat’s birthday. 

We are once again left without WIFI or cable. They have both, but neither works properly. Ah well. At least it’s flat here, so the bike rides should be easier.

5/30/23 – It Chose Me
On my bike ride today I stopped to take a drink and sitting on the ground was this evil face with a sword in its mouth. Now it’s mine. Looks like it used to be glued to something.

5/31/23 – Around The Lake
We are near the shores of Shafer lake, which is pretty much just a wide spot on the Tippecanoe River. Yes, that Tippecanoe. Today I got it in my head to ride around the lake and distribute some of Pat’s crocheted darlings. Twelve miles later, I have completed my best riding month for distance. 210 miles.