Tom Week - Holidays

Christmas Presents

12/22/22 – Post Solstice
I was so busy with trying to outrun the storm I totally missed that it was the solstice. The pixies will be pissed.

12/23/22 – Cave Day
Record cold outside today. Windchill of 30 below. We stayed inside all day. I’m worried that the rental car, which has Florida plates, may not start. Tomorrow the wind dies down and the temperature goes all the way to 11.

12/24/22 – Driving In Slush
It’s been about 20 years since I’ve driven in snow. Fortunately it all came back to me quickly and I was able to navigate without error. I even intentionally slid around the Walmart parking lot a bit to get the feel of the rental car.

Later I went out to pick up food at the Perkins just up the street. Only it was closed. The app let me order food. But the restaurant was closed. Bummer.

I then tried to order from Bob Evans, but their website is stuck on Thanksgiving. 

12/25/22 – Merry Christmas
Dinner at Jim and Nancy’s. Much good food. Got to play with my nephew who is way too smart for his age, but knows how to have fun.

12/26/22 – Relatives Gather
All the siblings plus two generations on have gathered in Ohio. It will be good to see them tomorrow, when the road weariness wears off.

On the way back to the hotel I foolishly decided I didn’t need the GPS. I learned the hard way that highways 45 and 46 are not the same thing.

12/27/22 – Family Fun
We had the big Yankee Swap gift exchange today. Much fun. I wound up with a very nice bluetooth speaker. The corn skull that I brought wound up with one of the two people I guessed would like it. I love being subversively correct.

Tonya had so much fun. Several times she just laughed out loud. Of course never when a camera was near.

12/28/22 – Cheese Steak Horizons
We are near Scranton PA and everywhere that sells food sells cheese steaks. There is no avoiding it. Long drive today with progressively heavier traffic. LOTS OF TRUCKS.