Tom Week - Holidays Begin


11/24/22 – Thanksgiving
Or, as my common law son calls it, thankstaking. We stayed in and ate light. We don’t have the cooking equipment for a big meal, but I also don’t want to encourage businesses to not close on the holiday.

I worked very hard today to not do much work. I also managed to worry about things a little less.

Tomorrow is, as the woman in Walmart said, viernes negro. We’re staying near mall land, so we’ll remain in hiding for the day.

11/25/22 – Peeking Out
We went out to lunch and Walgreens. The traffic wasn’t too bad.

Tonya and I walked over to Cracker Barrel and borrowed one of their rocking chairs. She laughed.

11/26/22 – ZOOM!
Went to Auburndale Speedway and watched a bunch of very young people racers drive way better than I ever could have.

11/27/22 – Sunday Lunch
Surprisingly the Cracker Barrel was busy for today’s Sunday lunch. They told us there would be a 40 minute wait, but it was only 20. I had steak and eggs.

Then we drove around Parker Lake. 

11/28/22 – Back To Jax
We came to Jacksonville to pick up our mail. 

11/29/22 – Rental Renewal
After a long set of circumstances and conversations with people who didn’t know what they were talking about, I wound up in a new rental SUV, at half the cost of last month’s rental and without having to pay a $600 drop-off fee. 

Thanks to the Enterprise manager in Orange Park. Thanks to the person who left the shiny penny for me to find. Thanks to the people who smiled at me today. It helped.

11/30/22 – St. Auggie
We drove a whole 30 miles from Jacksonville to St. Augustine. This is a mega-tourist area. The land of theme restaurants. 

We’re here at a Super 8 for a week. We have a little patio which looks out on a big yard where there should be bunnies, but I’ve not seen one yet. Nobody told me there were bunnies. It just looks to me like there should be bunnies.