Tom Week - Holiday Days

christmas decorations

12/21/23 – Better Day
It’s been slow, but I’m finally emerging from my cocoon of illness.  

12/22/23 – Traffic Day
Who knew that there would be heavy traffic in a big city on the Friday before Christmas? Not I. We went out to lunch at Culver’s, our favorite fastish food restaurant. Then we went shopping at Sprout’s, our favorite store for fruit and meat. All set for the holidays.

And yes, I say Happy Holidays. I know too many non-Christians. They’ve never complained, but I think it’s the most inclusive thing to say.

12/23/23 – Rash Day
It actually started yesterday. I had these blotchy rashes all over my body. I though they were caused by wearing the same clothes too long, but after changing yesterday, the rashes were worse today. Then I read that the rashes can be caused by one of the cold meds I was taking. I skipped this morning’s dose and this evening the rashes are gone.

12/24/23 – Christmas Eve
Our next door neighbor came over today and gave us some baked goodies. Pat gave her one of her crocheted ornaments. Both of them seemed very happy.

12/25/23 – Merry Christmas
A quiet Christmas with some very good food.

12/26/23 – Boxing Day
I couldn’t find any boxing on TV. I think somebody missed the memo.

12/27/23 – Feeling Better
Today was a huge leap forward feeling better-wise. Now we have to make plans for what happens next. Whatever that might be.