Tom Week - Hills And Wind

bike on hill

3/10/22 – Creeping Creativity

I am slowly getting back in the swing of creative activity. Today I worked on an animation and my novel.

Spencer is unwell. He keeps staring at the floor. I went on the web and found out there are dozens of things that can cause this. Time will tell.

3/11/22 – Hills And Wind

Thirteen miles of big hills in the wind. Fun stuff. Legs are not happy with me. 

3/12/22 – Over To Barstow

Going to Barstow is a ritual in itself. I’ve driven this route many times. I always get lost where 247 meets 15. We always go the McDonalds at Barstow Station. We always got to the WalMart up the street. Then we take the back road through Dagget to get to the KOA with the caboose.

There are many cute dogs here.

It was calm today but the wind returns tomorrow.

3/13/22 – Wind Wind Wind

Getting tired of this. 

3/14/22 – Pi Day!

Rode my bike up the hill to the ghost town, but it wasn’t really a ghost town, it was a tourist attraction, costing $8 a person to go in. I didn’t.

The good part of the ride was that I finally got the new rear brake working properly. There was a cable bracket that wasn’t seating properly. Works great now. Time to change the front brake.

There is always something new. Our first RV trip was in a Cruise America rental. They are a common sight all over the country. However, for the first time ever, across the road from us, is a Cruise Canada RV. We did not know there was such a thing.

3/15/22 – Back in Bakersfield

At the Orange Grove once again. Though the oranges are not in season.