Tom Week - Hills and Things

gravel road

6/29/23 – The Hills Of Washington
Yet another seemingly cool town I’ve never heard of. The Walmart was full of people speaking a variety of languages, including three young girls wearing Dr. Martin boots. 

The RV park is stuck on the side of steep hill and the spaces are little terraces. I’m glad we’re not too big.

6/30/23 – No ride
I was overwhelmed by common sense today, and it’s annoying. The campground is at the tom of a hill, so no matter which way I went, a 10 mile bike ride would have required about a thousand feet of climbing, in 84 degree weather, with smoke filled air. Ah well.

7/1/23 – Another New One
After all this time it amazes me when we still sometimes come to an RV park unlike any other we’ve ever been to. This one is in the parking lot of the town’s community center. It’s just a parking lot, but it has water and electricity.

7/2/23 – Blue Skies
Blue, not gray and smokey. Blue. When I got up the weather app said it was going to rain at noon. At noon it said it would rain at three. At three, it said six. At six it said nine. At eight, I don’t care anymore.

7/3/23 – Buck Moon
There’s a full moon tonight, allegedly. There are clouds here, so I can’t be sure. 

7/4/23 – Unsafe Biking
No place to ride round here. Every road out of town, but one, had no shoulder and heavy traffic. The only road without traffic was a flooded gravel road. I did a couple circles but managed less than four miles.

The rest of the day I worked on audition tapes. I’m now up for parts in three movies. Apparently, I’m a type.

7/5/23 – Weathermen Fail Me Again
It didn’t get cooler today after the rain. It got hotter and more humid. LIARS!

The RV does not like mountains.