Tom Week – Heatwave and Rain Storms

7/19/19 – Rain Surprise

This morning was much cooler than expected. The extreme heat warnings said it would feel like over 100 today. Not this morning.

OK, now it’s afternoon. We had a rain storm that did not appear on the radar. Afterwards walking outside was like being in a swimming pool with no flotation. The weather warning was correct.

7/20/19 – Bainbridge

I am not impressed with the quality of New York’s back roads.

Every new town I look up on Wikipedia. Upstate New York is basically the history of the destruction of the Iroquois. Very sad.

7/21/19 – Last Hot Day

It’s only 7:00PM and we have the windows open and the air conditioner off. We’re safe until the neighbors build their fire.

One more stop in New York then it’s back home to Massachusetts. A state which, if not for spell-checking, I always spell wrong.

7/22/19 – Mud Hill

We are parked in a field with no support underneath and on a significant slope. It’s raining heavily and we’re slowly sliding down the hill.

When we arrived there were two cars parked in our spot. They moved one but the other wouldn’t start so we’re hooked up with the car between us and the electrical supply. Such fun.

Trying to find a level spot I knocked over an invisible fence. The park guy was pissed but I managed to right the fence without much effort.

7/23/19 – Space Zero

Pat called the office and got us moved to a less horrible spot. Still unlevel, but better than the other spot. We’re right next to the bouncy house. Oh Boy.

7/24/19 – Worm Town

Sitting in my sister Ann’s driveway. We have electricity and water in the tank. If we go light on the waste water we’ll be OK for a while. So far only Ann and Jenn know we are here. Due to running from the heatwave we’re here weeks earlier than expected. I’ll email everybody tomorrow.


The neighbor kids paddle up the imaginary river
christmas decorations
Our neighbors across the way appear to be insane or lazy
This is the fence I didn’t break
car in the way
The disabled car in our assigned spot
zen gas pump
This zen pump. No dial, no hose, no gas.
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