Tom Week - Heading Home(?)

Roadrunner Jerky

4/14/22 – Missions Accomplished

Got a lot of stuff done today. Got a new tire for the RV. Went shopping at Sprouts and now we have good meat and fruits. Pat’s meds “may” be on the way. We have a place to stay for this weekend which I forgot was Easter weekend. Busy busy busy.

4/15/22 – Disaster Averted

Today we got new neighbors in a Cruise America rental RV. That’s not usually noteworthy, but this particular rental RV had burn marks around its heater vent. Fortunately, they were in the wrong spot and moved.

4/16/22 – Lazy Day

I am a guilt child. I did not ride my bike today and I’m feeling guilty like I need to apologize to someone for not riding, but I don’t know who. Who cares if I ride my bike or not? Me? Do I apologize to myself? I really don’t care. Is this normal?

4/17/22 – Local Hero

After my bike ride today, which I recorded through the Strava app., my phone chimed to tell me that I was now the local hero for piece of The Edison Highway between Fairfax and Oswell streets. I earned this honor by riding on the Edison Highway a whopping 3 times over the last 90 days. Not exactly Guiness World Record material.

4/18/22 – The 6% Solution

Sitting here in windy Barstow Pat and I both dealing with dry eyes. Turns out the humidity is 6%. That’s dry.

4/19/22 – Too Much Wind

There was stuff I was going to do today. Riding my bike being at the top of the list. Too much wind. Hope it’s not this windy tomorrow when I have to drive.

4/20/22 – Big RV Caisno

I can’t complain about the wind today because it’s keeping the heat down. We are in Laughlin Nevada. If Reno is the white trash Las Vegas, Laughlin is the redneck Reno. We are at a casino RV park with over 700 spaces. That’s big. 

Dad’s ghost wants me to go down to the casino and play the slots for him. I never win at the slots, but he doesn’t care. It’s not his money.