Tom Week – Happy Valentine

9/30/20 – Valentine Nebraska

Today we drove from South Dakota to Nebraska. We passed through the eastern end of The Badlands. There can be no other name for it.

We ultimately arrived in Valentine Nebraska, a small town in the middle of nowhere. Once again there are no TV stations anywhere near here so we are getting news from Iowa. Some day we will get news from the state we are in.

10/1/20 – Cows

We spent the day down-wind from a cattle auction. The windows remained closed. Tonight there is a frost warning. Two days from now they are expecting record high temperatures. Yeah, global warming is a hoax?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; We are staying at the Wacky West RV Park. How could we not?

10/2/20 – North Platte NE

Remember, the abbreviation for Nebraska is NE, not NB. I was checking directions today and suddenly Google Maps was trying to send me to New Brunswick.

Just go ahead and try to buy propane in North Platte. I dare you. Fortunately the campground lady pointed us to the truck stop just outside town.

10/3/20 – Walking The Dog

Abigail has decided that she likes to go for walks. Until recently, she would go out, do her business, and come back in. Now she insists on wondering around so she can check out all the smells. I think she’s channeling the spirit of Rex.

10/4/20 – Three Ls, Not in a row.

We are in Ogallala Nebraska. Another city mentioned in a Tom Waits song checked off my wish list. Actually, Tom Waits didn’t write that song. Jack Kerouac did. Did you know Kerouac was a singer? He was, but he wasn’t good at it.

We are back in Mountain time. My body is confused. We are in a funky little highway-side RV park, but there are no Cruise America RVs here, so we are feeling ill-at-ease. We suspect foul play.

10/5/20 – Not A Cycling Town

I tried each of the four roads out of town but none were safe for cycling. So I circled downtown a couple times. It’s a funky place that’s trying a bit too hard to be touristy.

Second night and still no Cruise Americas. There is one Road Bear. That’s almost as good.

10/6/20 – It’s A Good Land

We are in Goodland Kansas, the home of the world’s largest easel. It’s cool and is almost as tall as the Paris Texas Eiffel Tower.

Today we managed to change time zones twice, while driving in a straight line. In Nebraska we were in Mountain Time. We drove south to Kansas where it became Central Time. Then, after about 25 miles, we entered a weird patch of Kansas where it’s mountain time again.

Trump flags; I noticed something disturbing today. Many people with Trump flags are flying them, not with the American flag, but instead of the American flag. That has some disturbing implications. Other paranoid people on internet agree with me, so it must be a real thing.

10/7/20 – The Flats

Goodland is flat and so is my front tire. Yes, another flat tire. Tomorrow I will buy new tires that aren’t so soft. The adventures must not be delayed.


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