Tom Week – Halloween

10/31/19 – HALLOWEEN

It’s Halloween. We are camped on the shore of the Intercoastal Waterway in Surf City North Carolina. Not many kids out here. The view is amazing. Big rain is coming tonight. A bit scary because the water is right there and all the houses along the shore are on stilts.

11/1/19 – Day of the Dead

Lazy, dead, same thing. Spent nearly the entire day sitting in my chair. Got some writing done. That was nice.

It was 25 degrees cooler today. It’s still fairly warm, but the drop takes it toll. Time to head further south.

11/1/19 – Laziest Campground Ever

I accomplished nothing today and I’m proud of that.

Many sailboats went by today. I lost count. Yes, I was counting sailboats.

11/3/19 – Time Change and Blue Velvet

We are in Lumberton North Carolina. This is where the movie Blue Velvet was allegedly set, though it wasn’t filmed here.

We changed time today. Abigail is pissed. She’s pretty sure we’re not feeding her at the right time.

This park has an oddly large number of single middle-aged men. Hmmm? No, no registered sex offenders here.

11/4/19 – Serious Near-Coma Laziness

I can’t blame the time change any more. I just had a do-nothing lazy kind of day. Highlight was watching trucks go by on the highway.

11/5/19 – Back to the lake

We are parked once again on the shores of lake Marion. The guy who led us to our site remembered us. It’s weird coming back to a place so soon. The familiarity is disconcerting.

11/6/19 – Tonya’s Birthday

Waffles for breakfast. Grilled cheese for lunch. Pizza for supper. Happy child.

Bike ride. Thirteen miles. Mostly flat. Many back roads. One dog toll booth. (Dog required petting before I was allowed to pass.)

Another wonderful sunset.


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