Tom Week - Halloween or Not


10/26/23 – Nice Weather
Life is so much easier when you don’t have to spend the morning trying to thaw out.

Virginia TV is full of political ads. Only problem is that almost none of them contain any facts or explain their qualifications. Mostly they just spout vague innuendos about their opponents. Sad.

Saw the weirdest accident today. A fifth wheel trailer fell of the pickup truck that was towing it. Happened on a highway on ramp, so we were all stuck behind it.

10/27/23 – Great Campground
Due to the really nice weather around here and the pre-Halloween weekend, I check over a dozen campgrounds before I found a spot. Luckily, this one is great. Lots of families playing games, pimped-out golf carts and people who know how to make fires. Nice.

10/28/23 – Long Day
Some days are better than others. Some aren’t. 

10/29/23 – Familiar Places
In Virginia Beach for a week. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to look up where the WalMart is.

10/30/23 – Stinky Toyota
Picked up a rental car today. It has been odorized beyond belief. Not deodorized, oderized. It has a sick chemical smell that no human could find pleasant. Other than that, the car’s OK.

I managed to order a bunch of parts to fix up the RV. The work begins when the rain stops later this week.

10/31/23 – Halloween
It’s a dark and stormy night, so no trick-or-treaters down the far end of the campground. Ah well, more candy bars for us.

11/1/23 – Day Of The Dead
Cold. Wind chill kind of cold. Too cold to work outside on the RV today. Yeah, that’s why I got nothing done today. The cold.