Tom Week – Halloween Karaoke

Shopping day today. A bit of sightseeing. Everything takes longer than expected. I don’t get to ride. I don’t get to my school work. The bar up the road is having Halloween Karaoke tonight. I can’t quite manage the mood. Never said this before, but I NEED to meditate.

November First, 80 degrees. Got a bike ride in. Did some school work and…I’m never going to meet the even the extended deadline. Too much life has gotten in the way. It’s not the end of the world though. The deadline is just for the scholarship period. I can just pay the tuition for however long it takes me.

Rode 12 miles today. I need 37 more to make it to 1000 for the year. Though I’d like to make it to 1100.

Another 13 miles. 24 to go.

Tomorrow is election day. When it’s over I will again be able to relax. I tried watching colostomy bag accessory infomercials to escape, but it didn’t help.

Election Day. The hell will finally end. Perhaps a new hell will begin but that’s life.

Today I rode on a great bike path in Charleston SC. I didn’t see any alligators but they were there. So now I have just 11 miles to go for 1000.

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