Tom Week - Guilt Boy

mama deer

10/13/22 – Guilt Boy
Pat and Tonya have now tested positive. It’s my fault. I’m pretty sure I know how it happened, but ultimately it’s my fault. I know, I joke that I am a guilt-based life form, but this time it truly does flow through me. Tonya is right now on her way to the emergency room. I can’t do anything to help.

10/14/22 – Back in the RV
Since we’re all positive there is no need for me to isolate from the others. I’ll be more comfortable at home.

When I got home I found that I had not leveled properly. It took a few minutes, but turned out to be an easy fix. Well, easy if you’ve done it hundreds of times before.

10/15/22 – Group Healing
It’s slow, but it’s going. 

10/16/22 – Clearing Head
Got some actual programming done. A bit of writing as well. Mostly nodded of while I watched the Patriots.

10/17/22 – Sick Day
I do not feel better today than I did yesterday. It’s rainy and dark and there is no energy in the air. I am getting better because I’m starting to feel restless, but my brain had no focus. Tomorrow I will be better.

10/18/22 – Sunnier Day
Not as sick. Just as tired. Still testing positive. 

10/19/22 – Not Better
Feel worse than yesterday. Ann took Pat and Tonya to urgent care. The both got new meds. I will be better tomorrow.