Tom Week - Go North


12/15/22 – No Bowling
When we came to Brunswick GA I expected there to be bowling alleys everywhere. Apparently, the bowling company isn’t from here. Who knew?

Went out to dinner at the Sunrise Diner, only the sun was setting. Irony overload for those of us who care about such stuff. Or maybe just me.

12/16/22 – The First Charleston
Were in Charleston. The one in South Carolina. Eventually we’ll be stopping in the one in West Virginia. 

12/17/22 – Failure To Lunch
We went out to eat lunch at a place that got 4.5 stars on Yelp and has hush puppies. When we got there, there was nobody else there and had a weird vibe. So I looked for something else. I found a breakfast all day place that has 4.8 stars. We got there and it was gone. We went to McDonalds.

12/18/22 – Cold In The Carolinas
We went from South Carolina to North Carolina. It’s cold in both, but not the kind of cold we have ahead.

We stopped for lunch in Myrtle Beach, the tackiest place in the universe, but loved by all.

The bar next door has big TVs. So big we are able to watch them clearly from three floors up.

12/19/22 – Good Music
Wilmington NC has the BEST radio stations. For most of this trip I’ve had a hard time finding music I like, but there are at least three here where I’ve found good music. Including a country music station where it took me three songs to realize it was country music.

12/20/22 – Long Road To WV
Today we drove from Southern North Carolina to Southern West Virginia. That’s a lot of directions.

12/21/22 – Ohio
Another very long drive in the cold. Ohio is much flatter than West Virginia.