Tom Week - Go East


5/12/22 – Eastern Time

We crossed into Indiana this morning. The final time zone change for this trip. 

5/13/22 – Nice Bike Trail

Lots of shade but hillier than expected. It was so gradual that I didn’t really notice till I was on my way back. Wound up climbing 600 feet.

5/14/22 – Hi Dan

Totally by coincidence today we drove past The Dan Quayle Museum. I feel so special. 

Apparently we’re in pickle country. There are many restaurants whose names reference pickles. The used car guy on TV was dressed as a pickle. 

5/15/22 – Along The Wabash

The Wabash River goes through this town. They have a bike path that runs along it. Very nice. No hills. The mile markers have wood carved animals. Very cute. Thought of Jim Neighbors the whole time. Racing fans will understand.

5/16/22 – Grammar Deficient

This part of the country does not seem to excel at grammar. 

First, as I was walking Spencer in the RV park, a car pulled up, the driver pointed towards the office and said, “Is them open?” 

Second, at McDonalds; A woman went up to the counter and asked, “Do you don’t not have milkshakes?” The confused clerk answered, “No.”

5/17/22 – Square Ride

I had planned a ten mile bike ride but it got cut short. The wind was not cooperating. I went into the wind as far as I could, then turned left at each intersection until I got back to the RV park. Hard to get lost on the prairie.

When I was done, I looked at my route on Strava. It was pretty close to a perfect square.

5/18/22 – The Hills

No bike rides here. There are no shoulders to the roads and way too much traffic. It’s also much hillier here. It’s good though that we’ve gone from the land of Trump signs to signs for Biden, Black Lives Matter and Rainbow Flags.