Tom Week – Gilroy Christmas

12/24/20 – Christmas Eve in Gilroy

Got to go shopping today and buy a few gifts for the family. I wish we were closer to little kids. I love getting presents for kids.

I spent most of today, and yesterday, trying to animate a book closing. I actually wound up refreshing my trig skills. I had to calculate several plot points along an arc. It took quite a while, but I finally got it right.

Then, I was researching a follow-up issue and found a short-cut that takes just a couple of minutes, with no advanced math required.

12/25/20 – Merry Christmas

For Christmas I got Pat a Tigger Rubber Duck. It’s weird and cute and only cost a dollar.

Had red meat for Christmas dinner. Yeah!

Then I spent the rest of the day learning the pose a Make Human character that I imported in Blender. Fingers are hard.

12/26/20 – Boxing Day Ride

Went for a ride today. Still a bit cold here. I generally don’t ride if it’s below 60 degrees, but it’s not going to get that warm for a while, so I dug out the winter riding gear. I’m such the weather wimp.

Standing in line, waiting to get in to Walmart, there was a family of five a ways ahead of me. None of them were wearing masks and a couple of them were coughing, so the rest of the line kept their distance. Then a woman and her little girl, who just came out of the store passed by. The little girl said, “Mommy, why aren’t they wearing masks?” Mom replied loudly, “Because they’re bad people.” I laughed out loud.

12/27/20 – Orange Day

On my bike ride today, following the same route as yesterday, I saw 4 different people standing on 4 different corners selling oranges. Yesterday, there were none. What will tomorrow bring?

Speaking of bikes; when I came out of Target my bike lock broke. I managed to pry the broken key and get it unlocked, but it’s trashed. I first got this lock for my Lamborghini bike, 11 years ago. Not bad for a cheap little lock.

12/28/20 – Errant Errands

Tonya had a lab appointment today, so we unhooked and did a day of errands.

The lab appointment had a record-keeping glitch, but in the end they decided to go ahead and let the insurance company figure out.

Getting gas went off without a hitch.

Then there was Walmart. It’s amazing how such a big store can not have so many things on my shopping list. The checkout clerks explained that the current manager is useless and is cutting very popular items off the inventory.

So then we went to Knob Hill Foods. They had most of what Walmart didn’t, but not everything.

Safeway had nearly all the rest.

Not a single one of them had grape soda. NO GRAPE SODA! Nobody has grape soda anymore. What’s the deal?

In between we went to McDonalds. It took them 28 minutes to do my order. That’s more than twice as long as the previous record.

The last thing we needed was propane, which they sell at the park, but it’s sometimes hard to track down the guy who pumps the propane. Today though, as we pulled into the park, he was already in the process of propaning. Score.

12/29/20 – Making Gus Fly

Today I spent a couple hours making a 3D cartoon character fly. I’m tempted to say fly like a bird, but I must admit that his movements are quite un-birdly.

For future reference; do not feed Abigail the “chunky” dog food. The gaseous emissions are making the RV unlivable.


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