Tom Week - Getting Better

Miss Worcester Diner

6/9/22 – Slowly Better

My leg has stopped hurting. The swelling in my foot is way down. My sore throat is subsiding. Today was the first day in a while that I felt any ambition. I got back to my online classes and worked a bit on my next animation. Feels good.

6/10/22 – Loading The Truck

Helped Ann load the truck for the latest antique show. I’m getting to know some of this furniture very well.

6/11/22 – Wander Dog

Spencer managed to avoid sleeping for most of the night. According to Ann there were coyotes about. This may have set him off. Hopefully there will be sleep tonight.

6/12/22 – Is it still Sunday?

Got done lots of little things today. Helped Ann with a load of furniture. Went to Walmart. Worked on an animation. Finished my online class on GitHub. Nothing Earth shattering, but it adds up.

6/13/22 – It is not Sunday

Took Pat to the eye doctor. He was an hour late. Spencer and I sat in the parking lot watching people go by. Then I helped Ann unload the last truckload.

All day long I’ve been thinking of Dexter. He interned for me at the cable station back in Iowa City. A great artist. Wonder what he’s doing in my head.

6/14/22 – Bike Ride!

I finally got up the courage to ride my bike. A little trouble breathing. I guess I just need to use my inhaler every day till the pollen is gone. Did 7 miles but that was 460 feet of climbing.

6/15/22 – Another Bike Ride

To avoid the big hills I drove Ann’s truck to the bike trail that runs from Worcester to Millbury. They’ve added a nice segment that runs from Walmart to Holy Cross. It goes right through a swamp so it’s mostly bridges. Nice.

The weird thing about driving to a bike ride is that it feels like I’m cheating. Bike riding is relaxing. Driving is not. So my my nice relaxing ride is bookended by two drives.