Tom Week – Geek Out

Geek Out

Months ago I applied for this online web training scholarship offered by Udacity and Google. I got email today saying I’ve been accepted. Yee Haw! The first stage is a three month course on front-end development. I’ve been doing web development for years, but have little formal training. After all, I graduated college before the web was invented.

Good Meditation

Had a vision of hope last night. It gave me good feelings about where my life is headed. No major revelations, just the feeling that things are going right. I think the new training and certification are leading to something better.

Two good bike rides

Today and two days ago I rode my bike. On both rides my legs were surprisingly strong. It gives me hope for the rest of the year.

Random Thoughts

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. Unless you use a nail gun.

Stories that take place in cemeteries are easy to plot.

Why are there no video games based on Jean Luc Goddard films? I would definitely buy a game based on WEEKEND.

Drank a real bottle of Coke today. First in weeks. Yummy!

I have a business idea: The ACME museum. It will contain recreations of all the gadgets used by Wylie Coyote.

Sometimes slowly the heart unfolds. Lying to the screens till the lies mistake a truth. Naked in the eyes of judgment.

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