Tom Week - Gas Goes Up


3/3/22 – Sleep, Elusive Sleep

Spencer had me up and down all night. In between I had to worry about my family members. Because nothing helps more than pointless worrying. 

I went for a long bike ride today. Much longer than expected. I sometimes get carried away when the weather is nice and the path is smooth. Ah well.

3/4/22 – Gila Bend

A wonderful stop in the middle of nowhere. The wind was bad today. Fortunately it wasn’t a long ride.

Today at Walmart it was leopard print yoga pants day. Had I known I would have worn mine.

The park has the usual desert warnings about snakes and scorpions, but adds one for poisonous toads. Yikes.

3/5/22 – Nothing Day

I successfully accomplished nothing today.

3/6/22 – The Border

We are at a park on the Colorado River. Across the river is the land of expensive gas. There is no cable TV. There are no over the air stations. It’s Roku time.

3/7/22 – Wind Again

No bike ride today. Too much wind. Like furniture flying across the lawn kind of wind. 

3/8/22 – What Freaking Time Is It?

We are in Arizona, which is Mountain Time. However, we discovered today that all our clocks are set to Pacific time, and have been since we arrived yesterday. Turns out the cell phone tower is across the river in California. So the local network time is Pacific time. We’ve decided to leave the clocks as they are, since we’re going to California tomorrow anyway.

Then we get to change to clocks for daylight saving time. Joy!

3/9/22 – Into California

In Arizona I paid $4.44 a gallon for gas. Across the river into California it was $5.49. Yikes.

We are in Desert Hot Springs, the land of wind farms. You can probably guess why.