Tom Week - Gambling On Water

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6/10/23 – Dad Was Right
All day yesterday I could feel my father wanting to go the casino. I finally gave in and walked over there. They had video poker machines at the bar, so I got a beer and put in my five dollars. Yeah, I’m a high roller.

I played for a while and was down two dollars, when I got three aces on the first draw. I kept all three and hit the draw button. Up pops the other ace. The credits count hesitates a moment that starts counting up. I won a hundred dollars. I cashed out and went home.

6/11/23 – Oh No Ozarka
I was shocked today at WalMart when I went to get water and all they had was Ozarka, which is the worst of the “better” waters. I thought were safely outside the Ozarka zone. I went to the grocery store up the street. They normally carry a non-shitty brand of water, but they were out because, as the shelf stocker said, “WalMart switched to some bad water, so now we can’t keep the good water in stock.”

We are at an RV park that Google Maps hates. The park even warns you on their website. The GPS lady gave me three wrong turns on the way here from the WalMart, which is only six miles away.

6/12/23 – Newburg Quest
I rode my bike to Newburg, MO today. It’s a funky little town. I also went through Doolittle, but it lives up to its name. 

On the way back I stopped to rest and have a slug of gatorade. I looked down and there was a rabbit a couple inches from my foot. He was looking up at me, but ran away when I went to get my camera.

Then, just around the corner, this pit bull came out from behind a house. He had no leash, but he was wagging his tail. I stopped and scratched his ears. Then a woman came out from the garden and yelled at the dog. We went to here with his tail between his legs. Poor dog.

6/13/23 – College Town Bound
Today we came to Columbia MO, the home of three major colleges. I never heard of two of them, but what do I know?

We are still in Ozarka water country as far as WalMart goes, but the HyVee had Crystal Geyser. We’re saved!

We came here because the air is good and the temperatures were supposed to be low, but the forecast has changed and it’s going to be hot tomorrow. Ah well.

6/14/23 – Running Away Again
Weather and smoke have turned again. We must head east and a bit south to escape the worst of it.