Tom Week – Fuzzy Plans


Plans change, and I love it when they do. The Florida panhandle is overrun with spring breakers so we’ve fled to Georgia. We are in Valdosta, which is apparently a college town. We’ll be here for a week while we let our mail catch up with us and I go to lens crafters to get my long-overdue new glasses.

The park is nice but the cable service is weird. The lowest channel is 66.1 and the highest 101.125. Whole numbers are not allowed.

At the RV park’s dog park Abigail made a new friend. A four year old pit bull that still thinks it’s a puppy. He managed to play with Abbie without her having to do anything.


Picked up a rental car today. Actually a rental truck. There was a long line, only one clerk, two people had just returned damaged cars and three more scheduled returns hadn’t shown up.

When it was finally my turn she apologized because mine was one of the no-shows. I told her I didn’t care what I got. She took my license, looked me up and noticed I was in the “plus” category.

She told me that I didn’t have to wait in line like I did. I told her I’m not that much an asshole. Oddly, a pickup truck was magically available with a free upgrade. Which pissed off the guy behind me who was downgraded from a Nissan Altima to a Hyundai Accent.

Then on the way back to the RV park I was flipping radio stations and heard one talk radio station claim to be the only place where you’ll hear the truth about Chappaquiddick. I thought I was bad at letting things go.


A wrong turn took us miles out into the Georgia wilderness. Turns out I missed a turn about 100 yards outside the RV park. Then I wound up following Business 41 instead of regular 41. But it was all worth it as we found the “better” WalMart.


Took Abigail to the groomers. Now she’s all clean and cut.

The leaf-blowers came today. They were the least efficient blowers in the history of blowing. Only they didn’t take the leafs away. They are sitting in piles here and there around the park, ready for the slightest breeze to return them to their original places.

We are in the short-timers row at the park so we get to watch people come and go. It’s amazing how many people are unaware of their rig’s girth. My favorite was the guy who put the same number of leveling blocks under each wheel.


It was Tom day today. I took a shower, got a haircut and had an eye exam for new glasses. Not use to that much attention.

The weird thing about Georgia is that we are north of Florida but people here have way thicker southern accents. I barely understood the woman at the hair place.


Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Pat and Tonya got haircuts.

Tonight I went to a local professional wrestling show. It was wonderfully terrible. Much of it wasn’t so much wrestling as piles of flab crashing together. The guy to my left kept explaining things to me. Who was the good guy, or bad guy, or whatever. One of the wrestlers had to be over 60.


Took Abigail to the local dog park today. She almost played with one dog and gt to bark at a greyhound that was definitely running way too fast, endangering the other dogs in the park.


Abigail in her bed
I carelessly left the towels in Abigail’s bed. She adapted.
One of the worst and most fun wrestling shows ever.

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