Tom Week - Fremont Chilling

on the swing

3/28/24 – Haircut
Today I shaved my beard off and got a haircut. It was time again. The woman who cut my hair was annoyed that I had no plans for Easter.

3/29/24 – Rainy Day
Got nothing done, other than some nice rainbow pictures when the sun peeked out for a few minutes.

3/30/24 – Worst WalMart Everyone
Seriously, avoid the Gilroy WalMart of you can. Everything is locked up and nobody ever comes when you press the button. They never have enough clerks and less than half of the self-checkout machines are working.

3/31/24 – Surprise Park
It’s always a gamble when you try a new RV park, especially when you’re near a city. We won the lottery with this one though. A beautiful park with smooth roads and mostly flat sites. Far enough from then city and the highway. Most importantly, bike paths leading in every direction.

4/1/24 – Hills and Wind
Fremont by the bay turns out to have more hills than expected. The ride was beautiful though, with many creature sightings. Then I went inland where it was much flatter, but much windier. 

4/2/24 – Best Playground Ever
There’s a playground here at the park and it has the coolest apparatus. It’s like those animals on big springs, but there are three of them joined together with the springs in the middle. Tonya LOVES this thing! It goes up, down and side to side. Big fun.

4/3/24 – Missed It
Yesterday was palindrome day and I missed it. Now I have to wait till May next year. I set a reminder for myself.