Tom Week - Football

indoor football field

7/21/22 – Urgent Care

Took Tonya to Urgent Care today. She seems to have the same sinus infection that I had. Though I did have to run home to get her previous EKGs to prove that she didn’t have some new heart problem.

Tried to take Spencer to the Auburn dog park but there was no shade.

7/22/22 – Football!

Ann and I went to the Pirates game at the DCU Center. First round of the IFL playoffs. We lost to Quad Cities by one point. One missed extra point. Sad.

My favorite part though was the half time brisket eating contest. The contestants were a father and son. Neither of them finished a single piece because it tasted so bad.

7/23/22 – Water Work

I finished spraying the bug killer along the driveway. After it gets moved next week I’ll spray the bug-intensive areas again.

I also filled up the RV’s fresh water tank.

Then I took three tank-fulls of gunk from the black water tank and dumped them down Ann’s toilet.

Tomorrow’s supposed to hit 100, so no outside work tomorrow.

7/24/22 – Hottest Day

No sleep last night. Hank Williams was coughing all night long. (Sorry, Leonard Cohen flashback.) Finally got to sleep about 4AM.

Today was as hot as they said it would be. Hit 100 at the airport. I’m not sure which airport. The news guy just assumed we knew which one he was talking about.

Got a bunch of work done on a couple animations. 

I’m really missing not being able to ride my bike, but between the heat, the humidity and the bad air quality I just can’t do it.

7/25/22 – Bit Cooler

Cooler but rainy. Not all day, but occasional bands of rain swooping through.

7/26/22 – Much Cooler

The weather change has thrown my body off. My blood sugar is doing better, but I’m fighting off depression. My feet hurt. I’m out of my arthritis meds and I can’t reach my doctor.

Started working on Ann’s truck’s brakes. Of course nothing is simple. None of our tools are strong enough to loosen the lugs. Ann had an impact driver somewhere. We’ll try again tomorrow.

7/27/22 – The Poor Street

Today they dug up the same place in the street for the fourth time. Either they keep doing it wrong or they have no sense of planning. 

At the start of each bike ride I try to figure out which way the wind is blowing. I try to to head into the wind so that it will be easier on the way back. Nearly every time I wind up going straight into the wind on the way back. I need to get better at this.