Tom Week – Fog

6/19/20 – In The Fog Again

We are parked on the far edge of the country. It’s foggy, overcast and wind chilly. Pacifica, the town’s name leaves nothing to the imagination.

We are here twice at once. There is another yellow Winnebago Brave here. This is the first time this has happened. We haven’t met the others yet, but I’m sure they’re not normal. Masks ahoy.

6/20/20 – Busy Indoor Day

As my little animations become not so little I started having problems keeping track of where all the files were living. Today, I sat down and created a workflow for managing the files with automated framework creation and source control. Yes, that is how much of a geek I am.

Later, I finished an animation that I don’t think people will find funny, but it makes me laugh so I’m going to publish it anyway.

6/21/20 – Chester and Rachel

Our sort of adopted son Chester and his fiancee Rachel came to visit us today. It was weird sitting around chatting with family while we were all wearing masks. I guess that’s the new normal for a while. Tonya was very confused at first but was on the verge of tears when they left.

6/22/20 – Shopping In The Past

Today I went to the big Safeway in Daly City. That’s where we shopped when we lived here. Nothing inside the store has changed except for the COVID-19 stuff. I had to stand in a socially-distanced line just to get into the store. They used to require that you brought your own bags. Now they forbid it.

6/23/20 – Sunshine and Fog

The sky couldn’t make up its mind today. Not a productive day. I had forgotten about days like this.

6/24/20 – Doctor Stuff

Had to get up at 7AM this morning. Yuk. Good news so far. One more actual visit tomorrow and a virtual visit on the 30th.


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