Tom Week – Florida

11/13/19 – Florida Land

One thing I did not miss about Florida was all the stories on the local news about shootings and carjackings.

It’s still cold. Will be warmer tomorrow. Then cooler. Then warmer. Yo-yo weather.

In WalMart today the checkout clerk said to the man in front of me, “Happy Holidays.” He replied, “It’s pronounced Merry Christmas!” She replied, “I’m not a Christian.” He stomped away.

11/14/19 – Starke Reality

I forgot that this park has MavTV on their cable system. Spent much of the day watching obscure forms of motorsport.

Also got some writing done.

Tonya got to sit out in the cold and rock. Her bliss.

Abigail got to meet a big dog who ignored her barking.

11/15/19 – Rainy Day

Lunch at Grannie’s. The best restaurant in Starke Florida. Then to WalMart which had more people in camouflage than I have ever seen.

For a rental car we have a full-size Chevy SUV. It was the only car available. It’s stupid huge.

11/16/19 – Laundry Day

Finally got around to washing my bike clothes. They REALLY needed it.

An ambulance came to visit our neighbors. It was too dark to see what was going on.

11/17/19 – Another Cold Day

Got some writing done. Tonya managed to sit out in her rocker for a while, but got too cold.

Later the sun came out. Everyone emerged from their metal cocoons. Got to meet the neighbors.

Got takeout from Beef’s. Wonderful redneck bar chat while I waited for the food. It was overwhelming though. On the big TVs, side by side, The Raiders, The Patriots, The 49ers and NASCAR.

The best part though was as one couple got up to leave the woman told the man to give her the keys. He was pretty drunk. After refusing twice she kneed him in the groin. He gave up his keys. The guy next to them said to him, “Are you gonna let her get away with that?” He replied, “That’s our system for telling me that I’m really drunk.”

11/18/19 – The Sun is in the Sky

I rode my bike today to the Oddfellows Cemetery, cause, why not. At the gate someone left an offering of flowers, a large eggplant and an empty bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. There’s a story there.

With the sun came the neighbors a-wandering. One guy with a cute little dog was trying to talk to Tonya so I had to go out and explain that she wasn’t being rude. Then he had to tell me his life story. At one point I let Abigail out to bark at his dog but that didn’t phase him.

11/19/19 – Vet Day

Abigail had a vet appointment today. Everything is looking good.

Went to breakfast at lunch at Grannie’s. Yum!

I was going to ride my bike but I wound up writing instead.

11/20/19 – Bad Doctor Day

My Doctor is an asshole. Time to get a new one. He wouldn’t listen to any questions I had about my health. He prescribed medicines with seeing my lab results first. For the second year in a row he referred me to a cardiologist. Even though last year’s told me I had nothing to worry about.

So later I went for a bike ride. Nice weather finally.


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