Tom Week - Florida Time


1/19/23 – Doctor Day
Went to the doctor for my annual-or-so physical. Nothing wrong so far. Lab results soon.

1/20/23 – Results Day
I love the internet. Remember having to wait weeks to get the doctor’s nurse to call you with lab results? Now they’re right there on your screen the next day. Blood sugar continues to improve. Cholesterol is better. Still waiting on the HIV test results, but the nurse said that I basically a zero risk. I took that as a compliment.

Today I was in the best-decorated thrift store bathroom ever.

Called about the RV today. Still on track for the end of February.

1/21/23 – Ocala
Got the rest of the test results today. Everything is hunky dunky.

1/22/23 – Restaurant Follies
Today while looking at lunch options I noticed a Boston Market not far from us. We went there and there weren’t many cars. We got out of the car and it smelled odd. There was a sign on the door saying they had a limited menu. 

Long story short, the food at Keke’s Cafe was delicious.

So apparently I have an unhealthy need for approval from others. Have to work on that. If that’s alright with y’all.

1/23/23 – Lump Day
Some days you just have to lay around and do nothing. Mission accomplished.

1/24/23 – Ear Day
Apparently people in north central Florida are awash in earwax. I went looking for an ear cleaning kit and it took three stores before I found what I needed.

The young waitress at the diner today kept calling me, “My Love.” Here in the south I’m used to being called sweetie, honey and darling. This is my first my love. Though, the diner had a vegan menu. Maybe my love is a vegan thing.

1/25/23 – Cord Day
Needed a tiny little USB cord. The shortest one at WalMart was 10 feet long. That’s too long. I found a 3 foot one at Best Buy but it took a long time. They don’t have a section for cords. The cords are mixed in with the accessories for what some random person believes are for that line of electronics. It took the Best Buy lady four tries to find the right type.

Hint: Don’t look for things at Best Buy. Get the clerks to do it for you.