Tom Week – Florida Surprises


I must be getting better. I’m feeling restless. I still have no energy, but I’m getting there. I hate wasting these warm days.

Feeling better today. Did laundry at a real nice laundromat and walked Abigail at the downtown dog park. Starting to put together my plans for 2019. Nothing ground-breaking, just more of the good and less of the bad.

Woke up late this morning with a ton of energy. Started to get stuff done but my illness jumped me from behind. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, energy in the morning again, but it didn’t fall off later.

Finally got done some of the work that’s been piling up when I was sick. It feels good.

So suddenly I’m eating like a grown-up. I don’t know what triggered it but it’s nice to not have to run to the rest room after yet another greasy cheeseburger.

Bad blood sugar day. We got back from shopping and I wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately I’ve gotten better at dealing with high numbers. Checking every hour I went 571, 488, 419, 364. I just ate and will check again in two hours. As long as I can it down under 300 before bed I’ll be fine.

Ten mile bike ride. Nap on the hammock. Warm day. No humidity. Bliss.

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Not my permanent doctor, but I should be able to enough meds till I get to see him or her.

I sat out in the cold and watched the lunar eclipse happen. I took some pictures but they aren’t nearly as good as what I saw through my binoculars.

The doctor appointment went well today. My new insurance went through at the Minute Clinic. It did not however work at CVS. Later, it did work at Walgreens. I should have the pills tomorrow.

Well, I have half my pills. The other should be cleared through bureaucracy in a couple days. The woman at Walgreens was most helpful.

Nice bike ride today. 14 miles.


wood stork
This huge bird is a wood stork. Wikipedia says it has a five foot wingspan.
bridge sign
They actually name the bridges along the bike paths. Impressive.
decayed building
There is a surprising amount of industrial decay in the part of Florida.
steep hill sign
It’s a good thing they put that sign there or I might not have noticed the hill.
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