Tom Week - Florida Roads


1/18/24 – Cold Coming
Heading back south for the weekend. Saturday is supposed to be the coldest day of the year in Florida. 

I made a doctor appointment today. I have to see a new doctor. Always stressful. The most recent doctor was a good one. The two before her were terrible.

1/19/24 – Orlando Traffic
Bumper to bumper slowdowns all day every day. The only way around it is to take the toll roads, which aren’t much better.

1/20/24 – Pirate Parade!
We’re close enough to Tampa that we got to watch the pirate parade on TV. It was wonderfully low-tech. Kids on trailers throwing candy and beads to kids in the audience. Much fun.

The 49ers are about to play. Hopefully they’ll lose so I don’t have to watch football anymore.

1/21/24 – Not So Cold
It wasn’t nearly as cold this weekend as the weathermen said. Which is much better than being wrong in the other direction. 

1/22/24 – You Can’t Get Here From There
You don’t expect things like this to happen, but we are in the middle of nowhere Florida. Somehow though, I’m getting three or four bars on the cell phone.

This campground is a weird one. The office is at the end of a dead end road, so you have to walk about a quarter miles each way to get to it. No place for an RV to turn around. Then, they don’t have assigned spots. They just put you where you fit. The guy across the road has been playing Guns and Roses all day, but none of the good songs.

1/23/24 – Lady Bug Day
There are lady bugs all over the windshield. Two of them got in somehow. I caught them and released them.

1/24/24 – Bad Road Day
As usual I looked at the map and figured out the best route to the next campground. Only today, after a couple miles, we had to turn around and go another way. Google maps did not tell me that at the county line the pavement ended. I did not want to drive six miles on a rutted, sandy road. I turned around and went the other way around the swampy lake.