Tom Week - Florida Man Weather

wooden cow

1/11/24 – What?
Woke up today with both ears plugged up. I could hear the world only as distant echos. Fortunately I started sweating later and managed to clear them out. 

1/12/24 – O-Ke-Doke Day
The local Walmart had O-Ke-Doke cheese popcorn! 

Today it hit 80, and it’s very humid. Tomorrow will be 64. Over the weekend it may snow in Georgia. WEATHER!!!

Today I cranked up my Linux laptop to test a program I wrote. Only, in order to run the program I had to first update the operating system. There are 387 updates. Apparently I haven’t used this laptop in a while.

1/13/24 – Broken Directions
I’m supposed to be better today. I feel fine, but my cough is worse.

1/14/24 – Bob Evans Day
I love restaurants where I’m one of the youngest customers. 

So, it turns out that people are using the programs I post on GitHub. Who knew? I didn’t.

11/15/24 – Going North
Florida is messed up right now. Usually, the further south you go, the warmer it gets. With these storms though, you have to find the holes in the weather patterns. Today we drove 70 miles north and the temperature went up ten degrees. Weird.

11/16/24 – Sick Again Again
I’m better today, but very tired. Will be more better tomorrow. 

11/17/24 – Florida Cold
OK, Florida cold isn’t anything like Minnesota cold, but when you’re used to warmer, 30 degrees is COLD.