Tom Week – fleeing the smoke

Fleeing the smoke

The fires in Santa Rosa were making the air in San Francisco unbreathable so we ran away. We are in Moss Landing where the air is salty and clean. We’ve been so busy with the house that we haven’t been in the RV for a while. My mental checklist left off a few essentials. The RV keys and the food.

Fortunately Pat had her set of keys, and we were able to buy more food. How does one forget the food you ask? Shut up! That’s how!

The no-coke experiment

It’s going well. I feel better, but my blood sugar hasn’t dropped as much as I had hoped. Of course my expectations are unrealistic.

RV addicted

Spending time in the RV is always relaxing and fun, but this time it feels like we’ve run away from home. A great feeling. Can’t wait to hit the road full time.Still on the run from the smoke.

Still Running

The wind changed and the air at home is still bad. Going home on Sunday. Hoping for the best. Next stop, Prunedale.

Blood Sugar Nasty

For lunch I had a really big meal/ Two hours later my blood sugar was 78. I haven’t had low blood sugar in months, and never after a big meal. That’s totally backwards.

Sick Dog

TJ couldn’t stop coughing so we took him to the vet. He has fluid around his lungs and an enlarged heart. We got meds and he’s quiet now.

Joke for Dad

  Two husbands were talking about their wives. Both admitted there were sometimes arguments.

  Chad said, “I’ve made a great discovery so I always have the last word.”

  “Wow!” said Sherm, “How do you manage that?”

  “It’s Easy,” replied Chad. “My last word is always ‘Yes Dear.’”


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  1. ☼Happy Birthday!!! Hope your Safe & Sound & Surviving!?! (Which is after all what it means to “Age”!)☺

  2. ☻Happy Halloweenish Birthday!!! Hope you’re (You Are, You is, You’ve Been) Safe & Sound & Surviving!?! Witch is after all what it means to “Age” gracefully! (…as a Writer, I’m sure you picked up on my wrong little usage) Happy B-Day just the same☺

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