Tom Week – Flatlands


Laundry day again. Then a bike ride, 14 miles, averaging nearly 13 miles an hour. I love the flatlands. Some people use there bike rides to map out pictures. My route today drew a perfect right angle. I’m so talented sometimes.

On my ride I also saw a cottonmouth snake. (From a distance.)


If you are a critter of any kind do not ever attempt to cross Florida highway 60. Om my bike ride today I saw more than a dozen squashed turtles, uncountable flat squirrels, three freshly-dead raccoons and a goat. Yes, a dead goat!


We are in the woods. No cable. Only one channel through the antenna and it works for five minutes then doesn’t for ten.

We are in spot 47. We were supposed to be in spot 44 which is a pull-thru and right next to the showers, but there is somebody in that spot. So we had to park here in the lesser back-in spot far away from the showers. C’est la vie sur la route.


Sometimes random park-picking works out. We are in a place that actually lives up to the name “resort.” Abigail likes all the squirrels. Also, we are in spot 440, which is one of my favorite Chrysler engine sizes.


I use an app called Strava to track my bike rides. Many people use this to make drawings out of their rides. This week I’ve managed to three drawings. The first is of a right angle. The second a bicycle spoke. The third a triangle. I’m so talented.

On my ride a horse came running over to the fence by the road. I had to stop and say hello. While I was petting its forehead a cow came trotting over. I went to pet it but it ran away. A curious coward.


Today we found a place to give Abigail a proper bath at Scrubbs Car and Dog Wash in Gainesville Florida. Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida. You have never seen so many scooters in your life. You may think you have, but you haven’t.

Tonight we are back at our favorite park of the three we’ve been to in Lake City. It’s the one with the alligator in the pond.

We don’t know where we’re going tomorrow.


It’s Tallahassee time.

Strange experience checking in today. The woman behind the desk looked up and said “Hello Mr. Flanders.” I took a second and realized that I’ve seen her before, but we’ve never been to Tallahassee before. Turns out that the same people own this park and the one we said in last night, a hundred miles away. The woman came to work on their computer system.


This cow was curious but cautious
dead turtle
One of the dozens of turtles that didn’t make it across FL60
street signs
Venice Beach was nice but Briny Breeze stunk
The friendliest horse in the field
old police car
There was one of these are both ends of the RV park
TPO magazine
Yes, that’s Treatment Plant Operator magazine
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