Tom Week - FL to TX

a crane

2/15/24 – Coca Pensacola
Finally got in a good long bike ride. Got to see some of the local scenery, including one of the best short stock car tracks in the country and perhaps the saddest abandoned go kart track ever.

2/16/24 – Casino Camping
We’re parked along an inlet from the bayou off the bay that connects to the Gulf Of Mexico. The park belongs to the Hollywood Casino. I’ll go over there tomorrow to gamble away five dollars in Dad’s memory.

2/17/24 – Cold Miss.
The high temperature today was 49. This is Mississippi. It’s not supposed to be this cold. I went to the casino and played video poker. I was down to one dollar left when I won four dollars. So I took my five dollars and went home.

2/18/24 – Swamps
Louisiana is not a dry state. Lots of swamp, then more swamp. We are in a nice park with a nice little lake, but oddly the rv spots all point away from the lake. Tomorrow I’m going to turn it around. The hookup should be long enough to reach the wrong side.

2/19/24 – Monday Racing
I got to watch the rain-delayed Daytona 500. It was kind of boring. Next I get to watch the Xfinity race, which I care about more. Several drivers I follow are in this race. 

On the whole though, NASCAR is fading in interest for me. I prefer short track late model racing. Shorter races with more action and driver’s that aren’t all millionaires.

2/20/24 – Exit 847
When you’re on I-10 going from Louisiana to Texas, the first Texas exit is 880. The means there are 880 miles till you’re done with Texas. That’s an annoyingly long way. Our campground was off exit 847. Still a long way to go.

This morning, when sliding in the slideout, it made a bad noise. Later, at the new campground, it won’t go out. Well, that’s better than it won’t go in.

2/21/24 – Too Much Wind
Had a bike ride today, but it was way windy. I only made it 2.3 miles heading into the wind before I got worn out. I’m talking strong wind. The ride back was much easier.