Tom Week - Fixing Things

Low Bridge

9/15/22 – The Ides Of Laundry

Today’s laundromat drama involves a row of broken machines and the repairman hitting on one of the customers so subtlety that she never knew she was being hit on. Or she knew and was expertly ignoring him.

Turns out I have a ghost in the machine. I wrote a program to solve Wordle puzzles. While doing today’s puzzle my program gave me these three words in a row; “moral”, “torah” and “koran.” I think it’s trying to tell me something.

9/16/22 – Progress

The new carb did wonders. The moped is now rideable, though doesn’t go nearly as fast as I’d expected. So far the top speed is 15 MPH. It should be in the low 20’s. It feels like there is enough power for more speed. 

Went out to see a comedy show tonight. Only it wasn’t a comedy show. It was comedy karaoke. People go up on stage and read a famous comedian’s routine off the screen. It was horrible!

9/17/22 – Air Conditioner Day

Ann’s friend came this morning at 9 with his cherry picker to lift the new air conditioner up to the roof of the RV. I’ve never changed an RV air conditioner before so I was nervous about a few things. 

First; Did we really need a new air conditioner. As I removed the old one it became obvious that we did.

Second; Would it really fit the same as the old one? It did.

Third; Will the new one work? That, I don’t know yet. I expected the new unit to come with its own controller. They expected me to reuse the old controller. The old one is trashed beyond repair, so I ordered a new one.

9/18/22 – Unprepared

Went for a bike ride today and got a flat tire. These were not my beloved Schwalbes though. These were the tires that came with the new bike. I never got around to changing them. They’ve worked fine till now, or so I thought.

It turns out that the tires are really soft, but the tubes were saving my rides. They are quite thick and full of green stuff that plugged the multiple intrusions that passed through the tires. 

So I pulled off the flattened tire and pulled out my spare, which has a patch but I tested it and held air fine, nearly two years ago. Unfortunately the patch had dried out and popped right off. I then went to put a new patch on. Unfortunately again, the glue in the tube was all dried out. So I had to ride slowly for five miles on the flat. Fun.

9/19/22 – Rainy Day

It was one of those cold rainy days that’s also humid so it makes your bones ache. Didn’t get much done today.

9/20/22 – Less Rainy Day

The morning was dry so I got a lot of work done. Put the tuff tires on the bike. Put the new rear brake cable on the moped. Put the kill switch on the moped. Except for a lower than expected top speed everything is working hunky dory.

9/21/22 – It’s Legal!

Went to the registry today and registered the moped. I have a license plate and everything. (#13694) I actually got to the window just under an hour after my scheduled appointment. Not bad for a DMV.

Then we went looking for the special yarn Pat needs. No luck at the big craft stores.