Tom Week – Finding Shelter

3/19/20 – Finding Shelter

Today I had to find a park for next week. I found what looked like a nice one online, but somehow clicked on the wrong link. I called and reserved a week at the wrong park. Fortunately, this park has better ratings and is right on a major bike path. Luck.

I’ve been doing much better controlling my high blood sugar, but there is a price to success. This afternoon my blood sugar dropped to 73. An orange soda and a pear got me back up to normal.

3/20/20 – The Chunky River

We did it! After several zig-zags across the country, we finally crossed the Chunky River. Another item checked off the bucket list.

I have a new hobby. I call it virus shopping. This is the practice of going from store to store, slowly chipping away at the shopping list. It’s amazing how different the stores are. One has no bread, the next has plenty. One has all kinds of water, the next, none. One advantage of traveling is we aren’t limited by local stores.

But seriously, why are people hoarding little boxes of raisins?

3/22/20 – Another lazy day

Not getting much done these days. Writing some. Too wet to ride. I think I need a physical project for days like this.

3/23/20 – Going To Jackson

We’re parked one town away from Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi. It’s a very nice park. We’re thinking of settling here for a while.

3/24/20 – Across The Park

After much confusion we found a spot in the park by the lake that isn’t one of the secret decoder ring spots. We’re here for a month. We’ve never stayed so long in one spot.

3/25/20 – The Police Came

The rules at this park are confusing. The signs disagree with the printed rules which disagree with the web sites which disagree with the guy on the phone. All of that disagrees with the park police, who came to our door to straighten it all out.

So now we are in a waterfront spot for two weeks. Then we have to move, but no further than a space across the road. Yikes


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