Tom Week – Feeling So Good

Last night I was awake a long time trying to figure out why I’m feeling so good lately. Yes, that’s sick, but not uncommon for someone with depression. When the depression goes away it’s like losing a friend. A shitty friend, but a friend nonetheless.

Today while riding my bike, 11.5 miles in 48 minutes, I realized that every day since we moved into the RV there has been sun. Living in San Francisco the sun can seem like a far off dream. Being in the sun is making me feel better. Who knew?

Abigail is a good dog. We plopped her on a plastic bin to cut her hair and she just sat there.

Rode 16 miles today in less than an hour-and-a-half. No hills in Gilroy.

Coyotes, gliders, dark. Over-the-air TV much better than expected. No WIFI is painful.

Seligman Arizona is overdosed with route 66 nostalgia. Love it. Hate it.

Williams Arizona. Real nostalgia. On route 66. The gateway to the Grand Canyon. We are among the tourists. After we parked a wondrous thunderstorm hit.

Lazy Sunday. Lack of mission fulfilled.

I did an amazing and unexpected thing today. I went for a ride around Williams Arizona and I stumbled upon a Strava segment and got the third fastest time EVER! Most of the segments back in SF I was in the hundreds if not thousands. Sure, the best time is four minutes faster than me, but who cares. I’m third!

Author: Tom
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