Tom Week – feeling better


My wife upped my vitamin D. I’m feeling better.

Last week I rode for 4 out of five days. Also making me feel better.

Today I published my first 100 word story in a long time. Proof that I’m feeling better.

One of the joys of going back to the east coast is getting to go to Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately they no longer make fresh donuts on site. They are trucked in and taste no where near as good.


In the absence of writing I did some programming. It’s like writing. It involves typing, problem solving and imagination. I wrote a WordPress plugin that I think will be useful for people other than myself. This is a first.

I’m in the process of creating all the support artifacts I need for submission to the official plugin repository. Should be done this week.


I did a 20 mile ride today. My course took me around the city and up many of the city’s steepest hills. I did just over 1000 feet of climbing. It felt like a whole lot more. Exhausted but satisfied.


Photo by Sabbian Paine

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