Tom Week – Faster

Faster Rides

My first ride this week I matched my best average speed of 11.1mph. The next ride I did 11.6mph. Yee hah! The weird thing is I’m going so much faster but I’m no more tired afterwards. Not a problem for the short rides, but I’m worried about not pacing myself properly on longer rides. Because I am required to over-think EVERYTHING.

Rex and TJ

Rex goes back to the vet tomorrow for tests. He still doesn’t seem sick except for the occasional dribble on the floor. TJ is coughing a bit more and is getting even pickier with his eating. Fortunately Pat keeps coming up with new options.

Dog Update

We’ll get Rex’s latest test results tomorrow, Monday. I’m now having to force feed TJ his pills. I used to have to do that with Emily. TJ doesn’t fight nearly as much as she did.


This week I learned how to do responsive layouts using flexbox. I can now stop being so worried about my lack of design skills.

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